What does it all mean, anyway?

It’s strange to name a fashion label – and accompanying blog – and accompanying anything else – “Decline and Fall Studios.”

In the very first moment I chose it because I liked the cadence.

Then, of course, you look at what people wear and you realize you’ve seen it all before. In another era. In a picture. In the movies.

Everything is cyclical.

So you think, eventually, this too shall pass. It’s inevitable. Like death and taxes. Someday, when taxes are dead, the world will look completely different. We’ll look completely different. Maybe. Who knows?

That’s the foundation of this fashion story. It started with a sound byte. It’ll probably end with a sound byte. And in between, we’ll try not to bound ourselves by the status quo.

Like a flat earth or a codpiece, this too shall pass.


This is just the beginning.

And the end. And the beginning. And the end. And the beginning, and the end, and the beginning. And the endginning.

We’ve been this way before. But never just like this. And yet here we are – again – and it feels a little like deja vu or vertigo.

Fashion is the reflection of an age, and age is the reflection of a fashion. We go in circles and circles and circles.

We’re here, in this place, to remind ourselves that this will all be gone again someday.

But for now, let’s make the most of it.

Let’s begin.