The Decline and Fall Studios Tank

Welcome to the Decline + Fall Studios tank top.

sizing for tank tops xs thru xl
Sizing notes of note: medium is much longer than small. Extra large is much wider than large.
We are building our brand on a tank top created by Next Level Apparel, and sourcing from a company called S&S Activewear in Bolingbrook, Ill. Our printer is Chicago’s own Transit Tees, home of very beautiful designs based on the Second City. 

I originally fell in love with the Next Level Triblend Racerback Tank at Traverse City Whiskey Co. in Traverse City, Mich. If you haven’t experienced Traverse City Whiskey, I would suggest that you do.

I appreciate this tank top for its easy, casual fit and low neckline. It isn’t skin tight. It gives the body room to breathe. At 5’1″ and 130 pounds, I wear a size small for some breathability. An extra small hugs me pretty close.

A note on sizing: The bigger the size, the longer this tank top gets. Extra small and small hit me around the top to mid hips. Starting with medium, the shirts get inches longer. Extra large is long enough that I could wear it as a tunic.

stacked tank tops

As of TODAY, Saturday, Nov. 7, 2015, we have ordered a short run of 55 of these tank tops, on which we will print two designs.

This is only the beginning. We look forward to releasing our product in time for the 2015 holiday season. Stay tuned for designs, pricing and where to shop.


Ariel Ranieri
Decline and Fall Studios


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