One thing.

If you could own one thing from any fashion show, what would it be?

Welcome to our new series called One Thing, where we at Decline + Fall Studios will answer that question for you. (It’s okay, you can thank us later.)

We’re starting with Rag and Bone’s S/S ’17 show, because they showed up in our inbox at the right moment. Also because the divine bastards combined womenswear and menswear shows into one, which in 2016 probably shouldn’t be revolutionary, but there you go.


Without further ado…

If you must own one thing from the Rag and Bone S/S ’17, own this:

Still shot from


Practical and unique. We guarantee you’ll get a million and a half wears out of this sweater, and you’ll look post modern AF doing it.

What would YOU pick to own from the show? Tell us in the comments box!


The Decline + Fall Studios avant garde


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