So you want to be a model

Recently we’ve started doing research to find models for our tank tops, so that we can look all pretty and legit and join the long legacy of fashion companies pretending normal-sized people don’t exist.

(Not that models aren’t normal people with lives. Quite the opposite. But there’s a whole bunch of other people who look very different and who are just starting to get represented.)

During the course of that research, we discovered this article from a CNNMoney series entitled “Runway Injustice.” The article, from 2016, details the absurd costs of attempting to make it in the modeling world.

From 20% commissions to making models pay for all expenses, it appears modeling agencies have forged an art out of nickel-and-diming their clients. Since models are technically freelancers, they pay for everything: food, flights, etc. E.g., one model saw a $500 check shrivel to just $15. Woof.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“Another model, Louisa Raske, says she was shocked when she realized she had been charged for the flowers her agency bought her on her own birthday (the agency that she claims charged her for the flowers did not respond to requests for comment).”

Wow. That, folks, seems like a new low to us here at Decline + Fall.

You can argue that models are freelancers and need to pay their way. Kind of. You cannot argue that a model ought to pay for birthday flowers she didn’t even ask for.

So the long and short of that foray into professional model photography makes us think maybe we’ll stick to our friends for a hot minute. Until we can afford to pay actual models an actual living wage.

The Decline + Fall Studios team

Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash

Kristina Flour


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