If you only learn one thing in school, learn that history happens again.

It may look different, when it arrives. It may smell different or talk differently or wear different clothes. But trust us, it’s happened before.

If you know your history, you can see it gaining on you in your rearview mirror.

This election may seem at first glance to have had a lot of firsts. The first time one candidate won the electoral college and another the popular vote. The first time someone so clearly unfit to hold this office rode in on a wave of fear and anger. The first time fake news became such a big deal.

But none of this is new. It’s just been forgotten.

There’s no real way to stop history from happening again. History happens because people are people, have always been people and will always be people. People develop strong emotions and once you’ve convinced people of something, it’s nearly impossible to convince them of something else. So history marches on.


What can change is the reaction.

Today, at this very hour, people all over the country are protesting. They are exercising this most American of rights because they hold certain truths to be self-evident. They hold certain truths to be self-evident because these are the truths they’ve been told to hold that way. They’ve been given these truths to hold in their hands and defend to the last.

They aren’t going to give these truths up.

What we have to foster from here on is conversation and understanding in the face of fear and anger and mistrust. We have to believe in each other as humans and fellow countrymen. We have to respectfully disagree, when we disagree, but we should at least understand where we’re coming from.

And above all we have got to remember that this country is bigger than ourselves.

Otherwise, History.

We’re heading into an upheaval, kids. None of us knows exactly what will happen or when–it could take another hundred years. But if we look behind us we see that it’s coming.

Learn your history.


The Decline + Fall Studios team


Men of the United States:

Look at your daughters. Look at your wives and sisters. Look at your mothers.

Next Tuesday, Nov. 8, is election day. Please vote. But before you do, look at the women you love. Remember that Donald Trump is the kind of man who, if he found them attractive, might very well grab them, kiss them, grope them, assault them, brag about it afterward in the locker room and then deny it all publicly by saying they aren’t attractive enough to do that to.

Just think about that. Before you vote. And ask yourself if that’s the kind of man you want running this country.



The Decline + Fall Studios women

Happy Columbus Day!

In 1492, Columbus arrived in America and promptly enslaved the indigenous peoples here. For a country that then spent the next five centuries picking off natives, this seems apropos for a holiday.

Places such as Berkeley, Calif. and Vermont have eschewed the Columbus celebration and opted to call this day Indigenous Peoples Day, which to us here at Decline and Fall Studios sort of seems akin to an uncomfortable cough in the middle of an uncomfortable silence in the middle of an uncomfortable conversation.

But hey.

Hope you have a good one!

The Decline + Fall Studios team

The Decline + Fall experience

Let’s pretend, for a moment—if you’ll indulge us—that you recently purchased a Decline + Fall Studios tank top. You were perusing Etsy, perhaps. You were worn out from holiday shopping and only half paying attention.

You happened to scroll past a photo. It was bright, and cheery. And it seemed—dare we be so bold?—pleasantly clever. Even amusing. You scrolled back up to it.

Yes, that was nice. You thought about it for a moment. After all, you needed—well, wanted—no, needed—a new tank top. And after all, you’d bought so many lovely things for other people recently. Wasn’t it time to indulge yourself a little bit? Just a little, little bit?

You thought a moment more. Then you bought the tank top. Well done! It should come as no surprise that we here at Decline + Fall Studios fully endorse your purchase. Here is what to expect when your package arrives:

It will arrive in a plastic mailing sleeve—what we in the industry refer to as a “poly-mailer.” Take a look at the luster: Is it bright? Does the candlelight dance upon it? It should.

When you open the poly-mailer, you will find yourself faced with a small burlap sack. Run your hand over the burlap. Is it rough? Does it tickle your fingertips? It should.

Now, lick your lips. Open the burlap sack. Inside, you will find your tank top. It will be accompanied by a small, hand-written thank you note from all of us here at Decline + Fall Studios.

Take out your tank top. Inspect it. Is the ink even? Is it bold? Put the tank top on. Does it fit in all the ways you hoped? It should. It should be soft and loving and beautiful.

Wear your Decline + Fall tank top everywhere. You deserve it.

Welcome to the Decline + Fall family. We’re happy to have you.

The Decline + Fall Studios team

The greatest failure of our age

merry go round horse_Randy Wick_CC

Flickr CC Randy Wick

will be that we couldn’t snap out of the cycle.

And that’s fine. Failure is fine. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s not in our control anyway, whether we develop out of the inevitable back and forth of human history. Our age, like any age, will fall to the inimitable march of time, we will fade from memory and the world will go on without us.

And that’s fine.

We here at Decline and Fall Studios choose to celebrate that greatest of wars, the war against our own future, because in striving for utopia we display both the very best and the very worst of human nature. We push for a better future for mankind while thinking there’s such thing as an objective better future for mankind.

We’re not going to get to the top; there is no top. There is only one huge merry go round that we’re all on together, riding our flamboyant plastic horses, craning our necks to see if our parents are watching us. We’re all so grown up, going round and round all by ourselves. It all comes full circle, again and again.

But it’s okay. It’s okay not to achieve utopia, as long as we keep trying to snatch it. If in striving we fail, we can still say we strived. And when we realize we’ve failed then it will be time to strive, strive again.

And that’s fine. Let’s embrace that we will fail, as surely as we will strive,

And that’s fine.

That’s life.