Men of the United States:

Look at your daughters. Look at your wives and sisters. Look at your mothers.

Next Tuesday, Nov. 8, is election day. Please vote. But before you do, look at the women you love. Remember that Donald Trump is the kind of man who, if he found them attractive, might very well grab them, kiss them, grope them, assault them, brag about it afterward in the locker room and then deny it all publicly by saying they aren’t attractive enough to do that to.

Just think about that. Before you vote. And ask yourself if that’s the kind of man you want running this country.



The Decline + Fall Studios women


Happy Columbus Day!

In 1492, Columbus arrived in America and promptly enslaved the indigenous peoples here. For a country that then spent the next five centuries picking off natives, this seems apropos for a holiday.

Places such as Berkeley, Calif. and Vermont have eschewed the Columbus celebration and opted to call this day Indigenous Peoples Day, which to us here at Decline and Fall Studios sort of seems akin to an uncomfortable cough in the middle of an uncomfortable silence in the middle of an uncomfortable conversation.

But hey.

Hope you have a good one!

The Decline + Fall Studios team

It’s time to start shopping now.

They’re here. They’ve come.

-Frodo Baggins x Elijah Wood

Ladies and gentlemen (and all others), this is a very exciting day at Decline + Fall Studios. It is almost a year and as much love, sweat and tears in the making.

The Decline + Fall tanks have landed, and here they are:

man wanted

not famous

Each tank top sells for $17 + shipping + handling.


The first tank says NOT FAMOUS AT ALL and is a perfect gift for the woman in your life who often ends up at hungover Sunday brunch spots. Or for the woman in your life who actually is famous and wants to fly under the radar. Or for the woman in your life who’s not famous at all, and proud of it.

The second tank says MAN WANTED APPLY WITHIN and is a perfect gift for the woman in your life who isn’t in your life. Yet.

If your millennial daughter is discerning in her apparel, she will appreciate NOT FAMOUS AT ALL. If your best girlfriend is perennially single (and straight), she will appreciate MAN WANTED. If your best guyfriend is in between lovers (and gay), he will appreciate MAN WANTED.

If you know any hipsters, add this to their ironic t-shirt collections this holiday season. They will love them. We guarantee it.

All Decline + Fall merch is available at our Etsy shop.

Any questions, comments, letters to the editor, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Or hit us up on twitter @DeclinePlusFall.


Ariel Ranieri
Decline + Fall Studios